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Why do rats love your car’s engine area?

Rats being nocturnal animals come out from their day dens (sewers & gutters) at night in search of food. Your vehicle’s engine area is a safe 2nd home to eat food in peace – away from cats/dogs. Post dinner they have a necessary teething need to sharpen the insides of their front incisor teeth. Failing which can be life threatening, because their incisors grow at a rate of about 3 inches annually. The near endless supply of cables & wire under the hood ensures they have a juicy chew all night. Your car even has essential and clean water supply in the wiper spray ducts.

It’s tough to get rid of rats

Research shows rats depending on their species, share around 92% to 95% of their working DNA with us, humans. They are very intelligent and extremely territorial animals. No wonder, rats are one of the toughest pest to get rid of.

Happy Customers

With a success rate of over 94% and 5,500+ happy customers in India and globally, CARCAT Duo comes 2nd to none, making it the most trusted method to safeguard wires and ducts under the hood of your vehicle from rats.

A simple installation and 24/7 protection from rats and rodents, makes CARCAT Duo the preferred and automatic choice for rat protection in cars, trucks and other vehicles across India and the globe.



Ultrasound + Flashing LED
Ultrasound + Flashing LED

Dual technology to protect car from rats

Water-proof - Completely sealed for car servicing

Completely sealed for car servicing

Eco-friendly - Totally non-hazardous

Totally non-hazardous

Safe to Install - Absolutely safe for humans and pets
Safe to Install

Absolutely safe for humans and pets

Low Battery Consumption
Low Battery Consumption

A fully charged battery will last 15 to 20 days at least, in idle condition

Humane - Does not kill rats, only repels

Does not kill rats, only repels

protect car from rats - CARCAT Duo
24/7 Protection against Rats

Always on & lasts longer than any spray

Easy Installation - Simple two wire connection to battery
Easy Installation

Simple two wire connection to battery

Automotive Grade - Ensures long life & optimum performance
Automotive Grade

Ensures long life & optimum performance

German Engineered Piezo Transducer
German Engineered Piezo Transducer

Specially designed for multiple frequency peaking

1 Year Warranty - Against any electrical/manufacturing defect
1 Year Warranty

Against any electrical/manufacturing defect

Human safety, our priority

Built as per the IRPA (International Radiation Protection Agency), Geneva, guidelines, CARCAT Duo is completely safe for humans. In simple words, humans can be exposed to CARCAT’s ultrasonic frequencies without having any side effects.


We know your car is your valued possession and how much it hurts when something bad happens to it. Rats chewing your car’s engine wires is one of the worst things that can happen to it. But don’t worry, CARCAT Duo is the perfect solution to get rid of rats. It’s ultrasound technology and strobing white LED work together to give you double protection against rodents. Read more

Advance Frequency Pattern Banding Technology

Under license from Maser Electronics

humane, green

Does not kill or harm the rat
yet keeps your engine bay rat-free

power supply

Works on car battery 12V/24V

zero maintenance

One time investment
No recurring cost


Operating Freq.: 20kHz to 60kHz
Sound output: 80db to 110db


Does not interfere with other parts/
accessories/performance of vehicle


We go the extra mile to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Because it’s important for us what customers feel about our product and service. Here are some of the feedbacks/testimonials that our customers have shared with us!

  • After using this product in my Pajero Sport. No rats have been seen around it. I definitely recomment this product for other customers especially who parks their cars in farm house. Thanks CarCat for this amazing product.

  • It was really kind of you to complete my work on priority basis. Thank you CarCat for your wonderful service.

    Sunny Avale
  • The sales and fixing the gadget was good. Hope we get a good backup in the years to come as they sale is from a mall.

    Mohisana Balsara
  • Worth money, no rats found inside compartment.

  • CarCat is an awesome ultrasonic rodent repellent device which has been very useful to us. We found it to be an advance automatic technology ensuring rodent control. It has been a wonderful experience to have been associated with CarCat. Very well designed and very useful consuming less power.

    RNA Builders
  • Oh my god… sincerely struggled with annoying rat nuisance in my Mitsubishi Lancer… Changed my fuel pipes 5 times in just 2 months. Bought CarCat with some doubts in mind about its efficacy… To all buyers, close your eyes and just buy CarCat. It’s worth the amount they ask for. No rats since I installed it. Bravo CarCat. You saved me…Awesome! Must-have for all the car loving owners!

  • Have almost uded this product for 1 month and trust me it works with minimum battery usage. The best solution for rodent free environment in and around your car.

    Vivek Parmani
  • I have been using CarCat for the past one year and ut is very effective and safe rat repellent. The customer service is excellent and very prompt.


CARCAT is tested and certified by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) - Govt. of India


Confirms to CE - Low Voltage Directive (LVD) / Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

CARCAT ARAI approved
CE approved