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  • Did you know rats are having the time of their lives in your car?

Did you know rats are having the time of their lives in your car?

Rats are harmless until they enter your car. But once they are in your car’s engine bay, they can cause damage beyond repair.
24 Apr 2021

Vehicle engines are usually dry and warm, an ideal destination for resting, feeding, or breeding a new generation of rodents. That’s why rats enjoy staying under the hood of your engine, especially during the winter season. Mice and rats thrive in temperatures between 65°F and 80°F and can actually die from hypothermia if exposed to moderately cold temperatures for an extended period of time.

If rats start feeling safe in your car, that's the most unsafe thing for your car. Because rats, like all rodents, need to chew anything they can find to keep their incisors from growing through their jaws which is life threatening for them. As we all know a car provides for plenty of chewing stuff like a whole forest of wires.

Things you can do to get rid of rats

The first thing you need to understand about rats is that they are really smart, which makes it harder to drive them away from car. Though, here are a few things that you can do to protect your car from rats.

Keep close watch over your vehicle

Rats multiply at alarming rates. If a rat has made way to your car’s engine area, there will be multiple rats living there in no time. That’s why it is important to keep checking for rat signs in your car and if you know they are there, you should immediately spring into action.

Ensure there's no easy access to food

Make sure you haven't left any food in the car as it can send out an open invitation to rodents.

Keep the hood open

If you live in a secured area, you should keep the hood of your car open. It makes your car less appealing for rats as they feel a sense of security in a closed environment where they can easily find objects to hide behind.

Some people use peppermint oil, pet hair, or cat litter to form a formidable defence. Rat repellent sprays are also massively used by people. However, it’s not a great idea. Because rats can die in your car which is worse than a live rat running around and chewing through stuff in your car. And sometimes it can be hard to get rid of the smell of dead rat even if you have thrown it away.

Either you can do all these time-consuming things or you can simply install CARCAT Duo in your car’s engine. It’s a one-time investment that will shield your car from rats for years to come.

What makes CARCAT Duo – Rat Repellent Device for cars better than others?
  • 2nd Gen - It's an advanced and improved dual technology that attacks rats' 2 most vital senses – hearing and sight. Making it doubly confused, scared and disoriented. Forcing it to leave and keep away from the vehicle for good.
  • Eco-friendly - It doesn't kill rats, but repels them from entering your car. It's non-hazardous and uses minimal energy.
  • 24/7 Protection against Rats - Once you install it in your car engine as instructed, you will never have to worry about rats. This device is designed to provide 24/7 protection to your car.
  • Easy Installation - Simple 2 wire installation to battery. No need to cut or strip any wire.
  • Water-proof - Water jet/spray resistant (only rat repellent which is water-proof).
  • Absolutely safe for human - Built as per the IRPA (International Radiation Protection Agency), Geneva, guidelines, CarCat Duo is completely safe for humans. In simple words, humans can be exposed to CARCAT’s ultrasonic frequencies without having any side effects.
  • Made in India - It is made in India by CARCAT. The advance frequency pattern banding technology is under license from Maser Electronics and tested and certified by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) - Govt. of India.

Now you know the best and easier way to protect your car from rats. So, go ahead and get a CARCAT Duo ultrasonic device for your car.

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