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How to keep rats out of cars during monsoon?

29 Aug 2021

We all have so many reasons to love monsoon season. After all, it’s a pleasant weather to go on a vacation with family or friends. Now, just imagine, you are all set to hit the road and your car is not starting. Not a pretty scene, right? But believe me, this can happen to anybody. And all because of rats. Yes, these small creatures can cause massive damage to your car. Especially during winters.

Yes, it’s a fact that rat infestation in cars rises in monsoon. There’s a reason behind it. Due to waterlogging during the rainy season, rats can’t stay in their holes so they often climb up for shelter. Car engine is a warm place where rats feel safe to live. That’s why cars are the easy target for rats. Once they start living in your car, they start chewing crucial engine wires to keep their incisors in check.

Unfortunately, the number of rats living in cars has grown multi-fold during pandemic as cars are not being used by people. This problem has become very common specially in cities. There might be a rat living under the hood of your car as you read this article. This means, be prepared to pay thousands for repairing your car. However, you can stop this from happening by using some tips that we have shared in this blog post. Read on to know how you can keep rats or rodents out of your car.

5 car safety tips

Park in different places

If a car is long-parked in one place and a rat enters the car, there are chances that the car will become a home to many rats in no time. That’s why it’s important to change the parking of your car regularly. This will distract rats and save the car from them. Though, this is not the ultimate solution to the rat problem, but it works to some extent.

Run your car at least twice a week

Start your car regularly, even if you don’t drive it often. Because, when you start the car, rats that are living in the engine area get scared and leave the car. Also, starting your car regularly keeps car battery active and healthy. Whenever you start your car, don’t forget to open the hood. Rats are not a big fan of light because it makes them feel vulnerable. They always look for dark places to stay. That’s one of the reasons, car engine bay is the most favourite place of rats. It provides rats with shelter and lots of wires to chew.

Keep the food away from car

Park your car in a clean and hygienic place. Remove food or garbage from the area near your car. In short, it's best to make sure that there's nothing that would attract rodents near your vehicle. Keep your car clean too. Perform regular interior car cleaning and don’t keep pet food in car, and you can further reduce the risk of rats entering your vehicle.

Sprinkle mothball powder near car

This is known as the cheapest and one of the most effective solution to this particular problem. Mothballs are non-toxic to humans, but pests like bugs and rodents can’t tolerate it. You have to make powder of mothballs and scattering it around where you park your car, as well as some right under the engine bay, to stop rats from entering your car.

Install ultrasonic rat repellent in car

If you are looking for something more effective and permanent, go for rat repellent device that constantly emits a high-pitched noise that humans can’t hear but rats can’t tolerate it. This will help you get rid of rats. But it doesn’t mean you can be negligent towards your car. Remember, rats are opportunists. They are going to take advantage of the opportunity at every given time. So, it’s advisable to regularly use car or turn it on or just check the engine compartment.

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