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How to take care of a car after flooding?

12 Sep 2022

Floods are the most common disaster in India. The most recent example is Bangalore flood. Extreme weather, rising sea level, and other climate change impacts are making the situation even worse. Hence, floods are becoming more frequent and intense year after year.

Apart from causing grave damages to human life and public infrastructures, urban floods are to be blamed for ruining our valuable belongings like home and cars. It’s not easy to bring things back to normal quickly post flooding. However, steps taken in the right direction can really make a difference.

Before we get into the solutions for maintaining your car after flooding, let’s first understand what are the possible damages your car can face due to floods.

  • Rust - As cars are mostly made form metal, rust is an inevitable damage that you need to deal with post flooding. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all metal surfaces of the car are properly dried or repainted to avoid rust.
  • Electrical issues - From dashboard to infotainment system to windows to even side-view mirrors, all use wires for their functionality. These wires are usually the first thing affected by the flood. Have a professional mechanic look into it once the vehicle is dried out completely.
  • Moving parts - Water can easily find its way into the moving parts; brake, clutch, accelerator, etc. and damage them quickly. Get a professional to check the car as soon as possible.
  • Engine danger - When water enters the engine, it normally causes severe damage to the pistons and cylinders. That’s why the most important thing to keep in mind post flood is not to turn on the car.
Important tips for taking care of a water-damaged car:
  • The number one priority is to get rid of all the damp spots as quickly as possible. Water can ruin all the car components in no time. Use towels or paper towels to soak up and remove excess water from the cabin area, seats, carpets, and upholstery.
  • When the weather brightens up, open all the doors and windows to allow air to ventilate the car naturally.
  • Remove the battery cables to avoid short circuit.
  • Check all the electrical components – headlights, taillights, power locks, lights in the cabin, etc. for damage. If any of the component is not working properly, get a mechanic to take a closer look at the vehicle.
  • Get your car washed professionally with clean water to get rid of all the dirt and mud. Because if you ignore this, it will be like sending an open invitation to rats. As you know rats can cause serious damage to your car by chewing up on critical engine wires. To make sure this doesn’t happen, install an ultrasonic rat repellent in your car. So that you don’t have to worry about rat infestation ever again.

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