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Rat reproduction is a serious problem

29 Aug 2021

A female rat can give birth to 12 babies in a month, which means in a year, she can have 144 babies. Rats begin breeding as soon as five weeks of age and continue until about age two. Now, you do the math and certainly you will be awed by the numbers. The speed at which rats reproduce, is terrifying. More rats meaning bigger problems and chaos.

The breeding and reproduction process increase when rats have sufficient food and safe space to live. Frequent rat infestation is a result of that. That’s why ‘rats living in cars’ is becoming a common scenario these days. Rats get attracted to car engine as it gives them a warm and cosy shelter. It’s easier for rats to enter a car engine. Once rats enter your car, they will grow into a huge family in no time. The problem begins when they start chewing your car wires to keep their incisors in check. It can result in short circuit and your and your family’s life could be in danger. Plus, you will have to pay a heavy cost to get your car repaired. Even when you get your car fixed, there’s no guarantee that rats won’t return to your car and harm it again.

Rat attacks will keep happening until you do something about it. Don’t worry, we have something to help you with this situation. Get your hands on CARCAT Duo. It’s an ultrasonic rat repellent that keep rats away from your car by constantly emitting ultrasonic waves. Also, it comes with strobing LED that makes it difficult for rats to see, making them leave the car. It also helps in keeping the deaf rats away as ultrasound doesn’t work on them. Though, this device is a bit expensive, it’s much less than the amount that you end up paying for repairing your car. What’s more, this device comes with 1-year warranty and works for several years as stated by CARCAT’s several valued customers. This means, it’s a product with good ROI.

It works on car’s battery. Don’t worry, it doesn’t consume much energy. It will work perfectly even if you don’t start your car for 7-10 days*. And you know what? CARCAT is an ARAI certified device which means you can expect nothing but a great quality product.

*It may vary car to car. If your car battery is old, you may have to charge it frequently in order to keep the device functional.

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