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Tips to keep your car safe from rats while we fight the virus

Stay home. Stay safe. Don’t forget to keep your car safe as well.
24 Apr 2021

As COVID-19 outbreak continue, government has implemented the lockdown to keep us all safe from the virus. But what about our cars? Since you are staying home, you won’t be using the car as much. The car wash guy won’t be cleaning cars due to the lockdown, so there’s a danger of any idle car becoming rats’ nest. Right now, rats can choose to live in any car as nobody will be there to disturb or stop them. If you don’t want it to be your car, try and follow the tips shared in this blog.

What happens when a rat enters your car?

A car’s engine bay is the favourite hiding spot for rats as it gives them space to live and eat peacefully, plus a whole lot of wires to chew on and keep their teeth in shape. Rats love to hide in the areas behind the battery, under the engine cover, between the headlamps and the radiator, between the firewall and the engine block. These are important some components. Engine bay is heart of every car. If there’s any disturbance, it can be dangerous for the entire car, for you and your family.

How do rats get in engine bay?

Rats usually enter the engine bay jumping onto the axle or drive shafts and making their way deeper into the engine bay. Once inside a car, rat not only will urinate or defecate everywhere, it also leaves a foul smell in the interior. If unfortunately, a rat dies in the air-conditioning system, the only way to get rid of the smell is to professionally get your car cleaned (which is difficult because of the lockdown) and your whole air-conditioning system serviced thoroughly.

6 tips to keep rats out of your car
  • Start the car every 3 to 4 days and if possible, take a short round within your premises. It will startle the rats and they will run away. They will obviously come back when you are not around as they are stubborn species and not that easy to get rid of.
  • Every 8 to 10 days, try and park your car in different location.
  • Open the hood of the car. Rats like dark places. If they are living in there, this will force them to leave immediately.
  • If you come across rat droppings when you open the hood of your car, clean it immediately. Because it works like a signal for other rats. It signifies that a particular place is safe to hide.
  • Try home remedies like naphthalene balls and raw tobacco to counter the rat problem, for the time being.
  • You can also use steel wool to cover any accessible inlets like the tailpipe to keep rats out.

Practice these tips to stop rats from entering your car during coronavirus lockdown. When things get back to normal, get your car diesel washed and install an ultrasonic rat repellent in your car’s engine bay to keep rats away from your car for years.

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