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Who is using your car when you are not using it?

24 Apr 2021

Usually when people buy a car, they buy it because there’s a need for it in their life. But if, for some reason, you are not using your car or you have gone out of town leaving your car behind, have you ever thought what happens to it? If not, now is the time to do so, before it’s too late.

When your car is not in use for days, it becomes a hotel for rats, where they love to stay and eat. Usually in societies, where you park your car is surrounded with rodents, especially rats. This makes your car vulnerable to these sneaky creatures.

Once a rat has entered a car then others will follow it. Because rats are habitual. They like to run along the same paths, eat at the same places and eat the same food. The other common thing is, rats pee on everything. This is their way of marking territory, showing that food is safe to eat or the particular path is safe to take.

Rats live among us for three reasons – shelter, food and things to chew on. All three are essential to their survival. The car itself serves as a nice shelter, especially when we leave our cars idle and parked for a few days.

Rat teeth grow continually, so they are always chewing things to try and keep them at a manageable length. If their teeth get too long it can be fatal. But if they chew wires of your car engine area, it can be dangerous and expensive for you. To stop this from happening, start your engines now and then to discourage rats from moving in. You can also try parking in different locations, but if you have a heavy rodent infestation, doing so might not be enough to solve the problem.

There are several ways to keep rats out of your car. But the best and easy one is installing ultrasonic rat repellent in your car’s engine. It sends out unpleasant sound that’s only heard by rodents. The advantage of this method is that is you won't have to keep respraying a solution or baiting a trap to get the desirable result. Apart from this, try to keep the parking area clean and eliminate food sources.

I hope that this information is helpful for you all as rat problem in car is really common these days. It is important to take action before the damage is done. Thank you!

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