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  • Winter is here, so are rats.

Winter is here, so are rats.

Learn how to keep your car rat-free this winter.
29 Aug 2021
What attracts rats to your car?

Rats or rodents are mammals, and just like other mammals they need to maintain a warm body temperature to in order to survive. This is why your car becomes an easy target. The warmth of your car’s engine attracts rats as it gives them a shelter. And in no time, your car is a home sweet home for them. I’m sure, now you can imagine what will happen to your car. Rats incisors never stop growing. They gnaw continuously to keep them in check. Because if they grow out of proportion, rats won’t be able to chew anything and would ultimately starve and die. This is when the wires in your car’s engine come in handy for rats. And you end up paying huge repair bill for it.

Don’t worry. You can stop this from happening to your car. We’ll tell you how to do that. Start looking for signs of rat infestation in your car.

Signs of rat infestation in car

Droppings: Rat droppings are like little grains of dark brown rice and are pretty easy to spot. So be sure to look for them under the hood of your car.

Urine marks and footprints: Rats are used to urinate everywhere. It works as a single for other rats which indicates a particular place is safe for use. So, if a rat has been in your car, you will easily spot urine marks. Also, the filth and dirt on rats’ bodies will leave smudges or footprints.

Gnawed wires: Rats love to chew the insulated coating used on wires. This can cause all sorts of damage to your vehicle.

Scratchy noises: Be all ears to the noises from your car’s engine as rats make noises while they scratch or chew wires.

Food particles: Rats bring and store food in your car. If you spot food particles in your car engine, it means your car is a permanent address for a rat family.

How to keep rats away from your car?

First thing would be, park your car in a rat-free area. Keep the hood open as much as you can. Because, rats love dark places and can’t bear too much light. Maintain hygiene in surrounding where your car is parked. Also, get your car properly washed to get rid of all the urine marks that rats have left in your car.

After doing all this, there’s no guarantee that your car is completely safe from the sneaky creatures. Keep checking your car for above mentioned infestation signs. I know it can become a tedious task over time for you. To avoid all this, you can go for CARCAT Duo – an ultrasonic rat repellent. It constantly emits ultrasonic waves which is unbearable to rats and keeps rats away from your car. It’s completely safe for humans and pets. Plus, it’s ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) certified. All in all, it’s a good investment for your car.

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