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  • Carcat vs other methods

how carcat is better than others

Table of comparision
CARCAT RED/Duo Other Ultrasound Rat Repellents for Cars Rat Repelent Sprays Poisons / Cakes / Chemicals Tobbaco Pouches
Protection 24/7
Note - Device is dependent on cars battery
Note - Device is dependent on cars battery
Effect wares off in time(needs frequent user intervention) Bait centric (rat may or may not eat poison)/ If one rat dies generally another takes its place needs frequent user intervention) Effect wares off in time (needs frequent user intervention) / aggressive rats may resist the smell and in time become addicted to the nicotine and do more damage
Hazardous No No Yes (Toxic) Yes (Toxic) No
Environment-friendly Yes Yes No (Toxic) No (Toxic) Yes
Method Ultrasound (auditory distress) + Light strobe (Visual disturbance) Ultrasound (auditory distress) Olfactory distress (toxic fumes) Bait centric Poison Olfactory distress (toxic fumes)
Technology Microcontroller based. (Automatic Multi band frequency spectrum technoloy ultrasound + Random pattern strobe lighting) Analog (Fixed single frequency band) Chemical Chemical Nicotine
Pet-friendly Harmless Irritates pets Poisonous Poisonous Harmful
ROI (Return on Investment) One Time investment One Time investment Recurrant cost / Higher user intervention Low cost / Higher user intervention Low cost / Higher user intervention
Water Ingress Protection Water spray / jet proof No protection NA NA NA
Effectiveness / Efficacy ~94% based on customer feedback ~60% Reduces over time. Rats get immune to single spectrum ultrasound 30 to 70% based on brand? Depends on
- Brand
- User
less than 40% - Hit and miss. Even if 1 rat gets killed another rat will take its place Less than 30%
Humane Factor Only repels (does not kill) Only repels (does not kill) Supposed to repel only but substance used is generally toxic Kills the rat (slow and painful) Supposed to repel only but high doses of nicotine is toxic
Certifications ARAI & CE None None None None
Ease of Installation Simple 15 - min process Depends on brand Need to make sure all wires are coated - weekly / montly application Needs frequent user intervention Needs frequent user intervention

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