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Popular methods to get rid of rats

It is said rats can survive nuclear fallout. They indeed are one of the more hard to get rid of pests. The more popular methods to get rid of rats namely poisons, bait stations and glue pads are mostly dangerous and ineffective and do not offer any permanent solution.
Most poisons are required to be mixed with food as bait. It is reported that rats are becoming immune to most of the common rat poisons. Poison manufacturers are increasing the poison strength to compensate, which again is fraught with danger. Poisons are a eminent danger to the person preparing and handling the poison, kids who may accidently ingest them and pets which may eat a poisoned rat.
Bait stations & Glue traps
They are both bait centric. It is very common to find the bait eaten and no rat trapped. Bigger rats manage to free themselves from pads.
Rat sprays

The effect of sprays last for days to a month. It’s a recurring expense.

To summarize - When it comes to cars if you manage to kill or trap one rat, another rat will take its place. None of the previously mentioned give a 24/7 protection nor one time solution. bait eaten and no rat trapped. Bigger rats manage to free themselves from pads.

CARCAT - Ultrasound rat repellent
CARCAT Duo does not kill or trap rats. It repels them away from the car. The ultrasound emitted makes the environment unfavourable for rats to carry out their usual business of chewing wires or ducts or plastic and foam parts. The protection is 24/7 and it is a one-time solution.

Efficacy testing of ultrasound rat repellent

2 chamber tests
Test setup
2 chambers, approx. 330 sq. ft. each. Both chambers were fitted with a similar ultrasound rat repellent. During the test one or both ultrasound devices would be switched on or off. Both chambers were connected by a narrow acoustically damped tube, just enough for a rat to pass from one chamber to another. The connecting tube had a stopper which could be opened / closed to introduce a rat.
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CARCAT test protocol step 1 | ARAI tested

Test protocol 1

  • At the start of the test Ultrasound devices in both chambers are "off".
  • A rat was introduced through the pipe. Once the rat chose to settle down let's say chamber 2, the ultrasound device in the non – rat chamber (Chamber 1) was switched "ON".

Test protocol 1 observations

The rat continued to stay in chamber 2 (with ultrasound device "OFF").

CARCAT test protocol step 2 | ARAI tested

Test protocol 2

  • Continuing from TEST 1 with the rat settled in ultrasound device "OFF" Chamber 2.
  • Now ultrasound device in Chamber 1 was switched "OFF" and Chamber 2 device switched "ON".

Test protocol 2 observations

The rat chose to move to Chamber 1 (with ultrasound device "OFF") and continued to stay there.

CARCAT test protocol step 3| ARAI tested

Test protocol 3

  • Continuing from TEST 2 with the rat settled in ultrasound device "OFF" Chamber 1.
  • Now ultrasound devices in both Chamber 1 & Chamber 2 were switched "ON" simultaneously.

Test protocol 2 observations

The rat chose to stay in the acoustically damped connecting tube.

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