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As per the feedback from our huge global customer base, CARCAT has an efficacy of around 94% for cars with existing rat problems. Efficacy for CARCAT installed in cars with non-existing rat problems (proactive prevention / newly purchased cars) is 4 to 5% higher.

This is way more than any rat poison or sprays can provide on a 24hrs / 365 days basis. However, a proactive approach is recommended. Rats may sometimes enter the engine area due to a survival need like escaping from a cat / dog or flooding during monsoon season. They will not be able to withstand CARCAT for long, and user may occasionally see paw marks or rat urine and faeces. User is advised to get it cleaned up. This is how rats mark territory. Once they start thinking your car is their domain, they will try to resist the ultrasound and strobe LED distress. In a worst-case scenario, they may even chew on something due to the agitation caused by CARCAT, as chewing de-stresses them. But our experience and customer feedback show the extent of damage caused would be far less than without CARCAT installed.

CARCAT is powered by the car’s battery. Although, the power drawn is very small and can power CARCAT for 15-20 days (depending on Ah capacity/age/charge status) without affecting cranking power. It is still recommended to give a good run to the car at least once a week, to keep the battery optimally charged.

If the battery voltage goes critically low (below 10.5V) sulfation process takes place, which may reduce the battery capacity and / or cause permanent damage.

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