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We know your car is your valued possession and how much it hurts when something bad happens to it. Rats chewing your car's engine wires is one of the worst things that can happen to it. But don’t worry,
CARCAT-RED - Engineered to keep rats away!
CARCAT-RED design | Electronic Components
  • Built with the best design approaches and auto grade materials
  • Heat and fire-resistant polycarbonate enclosure
  • Indian designed, German engineered piezo-electric crystal
  • Broadband ultrasound emitting crystal & cavity resonator
  • Waterproof sealing
The brain & muscle powering CARCAT-RED
  • Rugged PCB design
  • Auto grade electronic components - withstand high temperature under the hood
  • Built-in surge protection circuitry
  • Low-power microcontroller
  • High-efficiency crystal driver & RGB-LED drivers
  • Fail-safes to ensure CARCAT-RED functions without a glitch

CARCAT DUO technology

CARCAT Duo is the perfect solution to get rid of rats. Its ultrasound technology and strobing white LED work together to give you double protection against rodents.

Ultrasound is a spectrum of sound which starts just above human hearing (20Hz to 20 kHz) range. Rats/bats/squirrel/dolphins have the ability to detect ultrasound with varying frequency ranges. Rats use ultrasound for communication (distress signalling/mating calls). CARCAT Duo bombards ultrasound waves with unique patterns which confuses and scares the rat. Ultrasound acts like a jamming signal shutting down the rat’s night navigation system and communication with other rats. It also emits distress signals which further scare the rat away from entering the vehicles engine area.

Strobing LED causes a continuous optical distress by not letting the rat’s eyes adjust to the constantly changing light conditions inside the engine bay area. So even if a territorial alpha rat is brave enough to challenge the ultrasound threat to its home (your car) the combined light and sound effect would prove too much of a challenge to stay and chew on wires and ducts.

CARCAT’s Duo technology attacks the rat’s 2 most vital senses – hearing and sight. Making it doubly confused, scared and disoriented. Forcing it to leave and keep away from the vehicle for good.

Advance Frequency Pattern Banding Technology

Under license from Maser Electronics

humane, green

Does not kill or harm the rat
yet keeps your engine bay rat-free

power supply

Works on car battery 12V/24V

zero maintenance

One time investment
No recurring cost


Operating Freq.: 20kHz to 60kHz
Sound output: 80db to 110db


Does not interfere with other parts/
accessories/performance of vehicle


CARCAT is tested by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) - Govt. of India


Confirms to CE - Low Voltage Directive (LVD) / Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

CARCAT ARAI approved
CE approved

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Technology under licence from Maser Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

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